RPD Tester © predicts RPD retention

Alageel et al, Journal of Prosthetic Dentistry, 2018
Built at McGill University by Omar Alegeel and Faleh Tamimi with support from 3DRPD Inc. http://www.3drpd.com/

1 - Select Arch



2 - Select Type of Occlusion



3 - Select Acrylic Teeth


4 - Click on the teeth to indicate they are missing or to select the claps

Missing tooth
Circumferential clasp
i-bar clasp
Wrought wire clasp

























































Step 5

Retention prediction: {{label8.text}}

Net force(N): {{label24.text}}

Chewing force(N): {{label29.text}}

Retention force(N): {{label30.text}}

Net Force larger than 0N = Excellent retention; Net Force between 0N and -8N = Good retention; Net force less than -8N = Poor retention